6th grade A

6th grade B

Hi! How are you?

We are the students from Volcà Bisaroques School. In the 6th grade we are 51 boys and girls. We are very lively, talkative and funny.

Our teachers are Mercè and Miquel and our English teachers are Marga and Olivia. Olivia is from San Francisco (USA) and she helps us with speaking.

In our school we have a volcano and we play in the hillside. We also have a football ground, two minivolley grounds and three basketball grounds.

We are Green School; we look after nature, we recycle, we have  got a vegetable garden, aromatic plants and lots of trees in the playground. The mascot of Green School is Cherry, the tomato.

We also have four giants: Bisaroc, Salut, Pau and Dragon.

Bye! See you in the English Day!



Hi, everyone! I’m Johny Scraper. I live in the centre of New York city. I’m the most famous skyscraper of New York and one of the tallest buildings in the world. A few years ago, I was the tallest bulding in the town.

I’ve got big round eyes, a red nose and a smiling mouth. I’m wearing a hat with the USA flag. I’ve got a lot of floors and a lot of windows, and a very high elevator, too!

I like my life because I can see all the city and I’m surrounded by a lot of other buildings, who are my friends. I’m very happy because all the people who come to New York can visit me.