Classroom 6th A

Hello guys, how are you?

We are students of Morrot School! Our school is great and the playground is huge, but the canteen isn’t too big.

The mascot of the school is a giant and his name is Perot Recullcebes. Every year in P5 we do a traditional dance. The library mascot is Bubu who is a beautiful onion!

Our tutor is Olga and the English teacher is Noelia.

We hope to see you at the English Day events, goodbye!


Classroom 6th B

Hello everyone!

We are from Morrot School and our class is 6B. We have 25 pupils in our class.

This school is in the Morrot area of Olot, in Garrotxa. We are boys and girls.

We have been studying English grammar and vocabulary, such as present simple or fashion. We are the most talkative classroom in the school!

See you on English Day! Goodbye.


My name is Londbang! I am eleven years old, I’m happy and I live in London. I like to eat bacon because that is what my mouth is made of! I have a hat that is big but it fell down. I like to play all the different sports but I am very bad at them! I have very big eyes and colourful clothing. My hat is green, yellow and black and I’m nervous to represent my school.