6th A  classroom

Hello everyone,

Our school is called Malagrida and the Grida fairy and its four elves represent us.

In 6thA there are 21 students. We have two new students. This year all classrooms are working about artists. We are working on Frida Kahlo and Picasso.

In April we’ll work three days on a project about “Chocolate”. We’ll know about the chocolate process, composition, different products… and probably we‘ll visit the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona.

Every week we also do projects, twice a week. We also will start workshops very soon .

We are in November but we are very excited for the English Day. See you in May!


6th B  classroom

Hello everybody,

We are the 6th B grade from Malagrida school. We are 21 students.

Raquel Badosa is our tutor. Mª Carme and Marta are our English teachers.

The 6th grade B is called “Haring’s class”. Haring was a social artist and he was born in Pennsylvania (USA).

We love music, technology, projects, physical education and workshops.

We are creative, funny, hardworking and talkative.

We have a giant called Grida and 4 elves: “Flama, Brisa, Esquitx and Bruc”and the 6th grade makes them dancing.

Every year we do a lot of special activities like: the Christmas concert and the school dancing festival.

Our class is the best!!!



                                                                                  THE WALKING BEN 

The Walking Ben is wearing a colourful outfit, white gloves -because it is very cold- and yellow shoes. He loves animals and his favourite is the squirrel. Ben likes walking and thanks to Malagrida fairy’s magic powers he can walk. His hobby is to take people with his hand but he’s harmless. He’s really a good boy.