Sant Roc

Pupils and tutors:

6th A Sant Roc School 2019

6th B Sant Roc School 2019


Hello friends! How are you?

There are forty-three pupils in our two groups. There are  boys and   girls. Our tutors are Montserrat and Txell and our English teacher is called Carme. We like P.E, Art and English as well, but we don’t like Science or  doing boring homework at home!!! We are great!!!

Our school is amazing because it is quite new and it is big too. Our mascots are ROC and CUC. Roc is a boy and Cuc is a nice dog.
Resultado de imagen de tirafoc sant roc
There is a fantastic and colourful library. You can see a mascot named TIRAFOC there. It is a green dragon with wings! We have got a large computer room. Our playgrounds are incredible!!!

We are excited for English Day!  See you soon folks!


Mr Eye
Sant Roc mascot

My name is Mr Eye and I’m twelve years old. I live in London, a pretty city in England.
I’m very tall like a giant. My head is enourmous, but I’m a little bit slim. It’s as round as a wheel. My eyes are light blue, my nose is red, my mouth is big and I’ve got curly hair. My legs are thin. I’m wearing green trainners because I’m a sporty guy.
I’m a very happy person. I’ve got a lot of friends and for this reason I’m sociable and friendly too. I’m very polite and I’m popular, everyone knows about me.

PHOTOS English Day 2019:

Wednesday, 15th May 2019 Resultat d'imatges de english day la garrotxa

We participated in ENGLISH DAY. Games, theatre, songs and fun!!!