Hi! We are students from Castanyer School. In our group we are 23 pupils: 13 boys and 10 girls. We all are very talkative and it is sometimes hard to stop talking. We don’t like doing homework or tests but we love going to summer camps and excursions. Our teachers are Enric and Eva.

We have got a big natural playground with a rock wall, sand, grass and  basketball and football grounds. In the hall there is an enormous aquarium.

The mascot of the school is the “Salamander”. We dance it in special celebrations.

We have an orchard. Our teacher loves nature and he helps us with the plants. There are season products (garlics, lettuces, strawberries, artichokes, carrots, onions…). We use different tools to work.

See you soon!


My name is Mini. I’m thirty-nine years old. I’m from England. I live in London.

I am little. I’m black, grey and blue. My eyes are big and yellow. My mouth is very big and grey. I’ve got two black wheels and a yellow light. I am active, polite but I am also a bit talkative and nervous. I don’t like being angry because then I become rude.

I am a black car. I have a blue window. I’ve got a steering wheel. I have a hat with the letters “TAXI” and a bit plate number.