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Invertebrates: Name that bug (3rd grade)


Hi 3rd grade students! Let’s see if you can name all the bugs. Read the 4 clues and click the correct answer.

Click on the image to play. See you tomorrow !

Ex: I’ve got ____ points

name the bug

Invertebrates: Insects Memory game (3rd grade)


Hello, 3rd grade students ! Try this memory game about insects. Match the pictures with the words.

Click on the image to play.

Ex: I’ve got ____ pairs correct

Memory insects

Nutrition: Combination foods (4th grade)


Hello 4th grade students! Today we have been talking about Combination foods. Remember that there are foods involving foods of more than one food group.

For example: spaghetti with meatballs or cheese hamburger.

Here you can play the game provided by Nutrition Explorations.

Click on the image and have fun !

Tell me in a comment your results !

EX: I analysed ___ combination foods. I created ____

Combination foods

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