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Crossword: Continents (5th grade)


Hello 5th grade children !

Have a look at this Crossword and try to find the continents all around the world. How fast are you?

Click on the image to play and tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: My score is ______ and I spent ____ minutes and ______ seconds


To be or not to be? (5th grade)


Hello 5th grade children ! Let’s practise with this game our knowledge of VERB TO BE. Look at the sentence and complete it clicking on the correct flowerflower.

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: I’ve got ____ correct answers

See you on Friday !


Quizlet: Prepositions of movement (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade children ! We continue working in our Unit related to Space and we are going to review some vocabulary using Quizlet !

Let’s review the different prepositions of movement!

Tell me your results in a comment !

Ex: Learn: _____ correct and ______ incorrect

Test: _______ correct

Scatter: _____ seconds

Space Race: My score in the game is _______ points


Ozmo: I like / I don’t like (1st grade)


Hello 1st grade children ! Let’s practise the structures I like 🙂 / I don’t like 🙁 talking about food items.

Watch this video and enjoy !

See you on Tuesday !

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