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My favourite computer game !! (4th grade)


Hi, 1st grade children !

Let’s review our compositions about computer games. Here you can watch Alba and Marcel performing their speech.

See you on Wednesday !

Group A (Marcel)

Group B (Alba)

Animal noises (2nd grade)


Hi 2nd grade pupils!

Try to answer the questions about farm animals. Click on the correct option.

See you later !


Prepositions of movement (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade students! Last week we were studying prepositions of movement (go up, go over, go up, go down, go around, go through). Here you can watch a video and do some exercises !

See you on Thursday ! Don’t be late !

Tell me in a comment the prepositions that appear on the video !

Ex: The prepositions are…


Order the planet facts (6th grade)


Hi, 6th grade children ! A new activity to practise about planets. Read some of the facts related to the planets and order the sentences according to the planet position from the sun !

Tell me in a comment how many sentences you did correctly !

Ex: I did ____ sentences correctly.


Oral Expression: What can you see…? (2nd grade)


Hi, 2nd grade pupils !

Click on this Glog and listen to the recordings about Farm Animals !

See you on Monday afternoon !

Oral Expression: Can I have some…? (1st grade)


Hello, 1st grade students !

Do you remember that last Thursday we were recording some dialogues about food ?

Here you can watch the result ! Click on the Glog !

17 activities about food ! (3rd grade)


Hello, 3rd grade boys and girls !

This afternoon we have finished Unit 4 about food !

Click on the image and do some of the 17 activities about food & drinks !

Tell me in a comment your favourite activities !

Ex: My favourite activities were ____…


Present Continuous: Speedword (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade children !

Let’s try this SpeedWord about Present Continuous !!

Tell me in a comment your results !!

Ex: My score is … points.


Dictation Unit 4 (6th grade)


Hello, 6th grade students! Here can listen and prepare the DICTATION for Thursday 3rd of February. Let’s practise !

Tell me your results in a comment !

Ex: I’ve got ____ mistakes.


Our solar system

“There are eight planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We live on the Earth.

Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun. It is also the smallest planet.

Mars is the nearest planet to the Earth. There are deserts and canyons on Mars. Mars is called the red planet.

Venus is the hottest planet. There are thick clouds around Venus.”

Dictation Unit 3 (5th grade)


Hello, 5th grade students! Here you’ve got the DICTATION for Thursday 3rd of February. Let’s practise !

Tell me your results in a comment !

Ex: I’ve got ____ mistakes.


Where is it from?

“Japan makes lots of computers. This computer is from Japan.

Brazil grows lots of cocoa. This chocolate is from Brazil.

China makes lots of games and toys.This puzzle is from China.

The USA grows lots of cotton. This T-shirt is from the USA”

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