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Fish and chips at “Canal Super 3”


Hi, Escola Splai’s students !

Us enrecordeu del programa PLAY on la nostra escola hi va participar fa uns anys?

Ara fan un programa similar que es diu FISH and CHIPS. Acaba d’ésser estrenat al Canal Super3 i prova els coneixements d’anglès dels concursants (true/false, vocabulary, songs, spelling).

Cada dissabte a les 13:15h teniu l’oportunitat d’estar mitja hora entretinguts mentre poseu en pràctica el vostre anglès!

E-twinning project: Bridging Cultures (6th grade)


Hi, 6th grade children !

We got some photographs about our Turkish partners in the E-twinning project “Bridging cultures”.

These are pictures of the teacher and 6th and 7th grade children ! They are only a few students in each class !

See you on Thursday !

Olympic schools (5th grade)


Hi, 5th grade pupils !

You can have a look at the photographs about our E-pals project.

It is called “Olympic schools”.

This is the School in London we are working with !

See you on Thursday !

Food Maze (1st grade)


Hello 1st grade students ! Let’s play a game for practising our food vocabulary.

Click on the image and listen to the instructions to reach the end of the maze.

Good luck !

Food Maze (1st grade)

Continents Quiz (5th grade)


Hi 5th grade children! Watch this video and pay attention if Tom and Chris win the quiz show. Do you know how many continents are there in the world?

Click on the NEXT button and answer the questions !

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: I’ve got ____ correct answers


Where are you from? (5th & 6th grade)


Hello 5th grade students! Let’s review some vocabulary about countries and nationalities through this video.

Tell me in a comment the countries and nationalities that you can listen !

Ex: Russia, Russian…

Best wishes !

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