My faborite book is Matilda by Roal Dhal.

The main caracter is: Matilda

She is a girl. From 5 years she already learnt to do estraordinaries things. Her parents do not worry very much for her. Her father was a  secondhand cars sellerHer mother played golf with her freinds on the evenings.

Matilda wanted to go to the College but her parents didn’t want.

Then one day the Thronxbull principal lady buy a car to the Matilda father, The Matilda father talk with the principal i Matilda begins the College.

In the College she met to a teacher and they did extraordinaries things.

I recommend it to you, I like it very much!

Un puente hacia Terabithia

My favourite book is  “A Bridge to Terabithia”

This book has many characters such

as Jess and Leslie are the main ones.
The story is about two children who become friends and invent a place called ,Terabithia is quiet and peaceful.
This book is based on friendship.
I like this book because it is very realistic.

B&: Eva.

El niño con el pijama de rayas

This book is about one chil(dren) (Bruno). Bruno and his family must be moved and in this new place (started) the problems started. For more, read the book 😉

The author is: Jonh Boyne

I like very much this book because there is  a strong friendship between Bruno and Shamuel.
This book is based on a real history and it ‘s very sad (in) at the end. The end is not very understandable, but if you see the movie you understant better.  I think this book is for adults or children after twelve years old who likes read.


 My favorite book is A Twilight  by Stephenie Meyer. The (principal) main characters are (is) Eduardo and Bella.  She lives with (your) her  mother and she changes to live with (his your) her  father. She knows a boy called Edward and she falls in love, but then she discovers that he and  (your) his family are vampires. I like  much this book.


                                                                    By :  Alba.


My favourite book is “El somiatruites” by Ian Mcewan. The main character is Peter.

(All) Everybody thinks Peter is a difficult boy, but he doesn’t worry (deal) for that.

(It) he has a great imagination (great), he imagines (fins) a magic ointment…

By Aida

Cala Montjoi: quarta jornada

Hem passat el matí fent activitats de forma continuada. Això és un no parar mai. És frenèticccccccc!

I per la tarda torneig esportiu de tenis, mini-golf,  rocòdrom  i tir amb arc i lliurament de medalles  als guanyadors  i  guanyadores.

Cala Montjoi: wednesday night fever

Dues activitats de nit. La primera part al karaoke amb actuacions dels 4 grups i amb uns convidats molt especials interpretant el Boig per tu.

I després abans de retirar-se als bungalows a dormir i a descansar una frenètica nit a la disco on van ballar tots els hits de Cala Montjoi.