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Iker Casillas

Iker casillas is a football player and  he plays in Real Madrid team and he is the best goalkeeper in the soccer world.

     He is Iker Casillas

                                                             Jonathan Carmona


Duffy is a singer. She is from the UK. She has got a big mouth and small nose. She always sings and dances. She likes macarroni, spagueti, salad and other food. She sometimes wears jeans and never wears tracksuit.

* N I C K _ J O N A S *

Nicholas Jerry Jonas (Nick) is from Texas (US). He (has) is 16 years old. (the) Hisare brothers (of Nick is) Joseph Adam Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas .

Nick Jonas plays guitar , plays piano, plays drums and sings.

He loves Selena Gomez.

His favourite color is blue and his favourite food is meat.

His hobbies (of Nick is) are rating songs, bascketball and tennis


Ficada de potaRhianna is a singer in Europe (Doesn’t she sign in America? I don’t understand), 20 years or less (How old is she?).

She was born on February 20th in 1988 in Saint Michael.

In fact (his) her name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. And she began singing at the age of 15. Guai!                              


 Rialla                             PetóBy Aitana.Descarat

Iker casillas!!

Iker Casillas Fernández; born May 20, 1981 in Móstoles, Madrid is a spanish football goalkeeper who plays for Spanish League club Real Madrid C.F. and the Spanish national team. He’s hair is black and is eyes are brown. His height is 1, 85 m. He haves any obsessions for example to touch the stick of the keep. He started in the junior categories, 1998-99 that he debuted in the senior side, replacing Bodo Illgner, and he was in Real’s starting lineup the next season. In 2000, he became the youngest-ever goalkeeper to ever play in a Champions League final. In the national team, Casillas debuted for the national team in the U–17 level at age 16. He debuted in the national team in 2000. He is very famous because he have won a lot of cup and the last European cup with Spain in 2008.

By Manuel Alfaro

The Jonas Brothers

Los Jonas Brothers:

The Jonas Brothers are a rock band.

The best international pops artists.

Kevin Jonas:

He is a brilliant actor (brilliant) and sings very well. He is from USA.

He plays the guitar and bass.

Joe Jonas:

He is a very good actor (very good) and sings brilliantly. He is from USA

He plays guitar, drums, keyboards and tambourine.

 Nick Jonas:

He is a very good actor (very good) and sings brilliantly. He is from USA.

He plays keyboards, guitar, and drums.

Fet per Marc


Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is a Formula 1 racing driver (of competitions “formula 1”). He´s from Asturias (Spain). In her free time , he sometimes plays tennis and he plays football. He likes the instruments (musical instruments?) and he watches TV series. He loves , the caps and the T-shirts. He usually wears trousers and (he) sometimes sunglasses. (Her) His favourite food is macarroni.

Olalla Escribano

Paula Batalla is an actress. She’s from lowa in (the) Spain. (I think she is not from Iowa). In her free time she sometimes cleans and usually dances. She likes watching terror films. She loves danc. She usually wears a dress suit(dreasing suite). (Her favotite oll de food) (I don’t understand exactly what you means)