Ruben D. Morodo Ruiz is a Spanish (singer of) reggae and hip-hop singer. He (has) was born on 1st of December of 1979. He has got four albums. He is very famous singer in reggae, and his style is very personal for their influences on his musical career. “Cosas que Contarte” is a very famous album from Morodo. My favourite songs of Morodo are “Babilonia” and “Rastaman”.


Jorge Montiel Pérez

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  1. Ricard

    VERY GOOD. Your writing English is excellent. But what does Morodo do in his free time ? What does he like ? What does he usually wear ?.
    Do you like reggae ? I like it. I didn’t know Morodo. Do you know Bod Marley and Peter Tosh ?

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