My mum’s pizza recipe

Ingredients of the mass: Ingredients to put on the mass:

-250 g.  of  flour                               – Tomato sauce

-Yeast                                                   – 200 g. of mozarella

-Water                                                  – Bacon

-1 spoon of oil

-1 pinch of salt and sugar


-Mix the flour, yeast, water, oil, salt and sugar.

-Leave it in a hot place for a 30 minutes.

-Put the oven to 250º.

-Roll the mass.

-Put the tomato sauce on the mass.

-Add the bacon and the mozarella.

-Put it in the oven.

-Wait about 15 minutes.

-Eat it!

Information from: My mum and me

Photo from: Roberto Ameijeiras


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