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The secret animal 8 and the last

Here you are the 8th secret animal game. This is the last secret animal In this game you have only three secret animals, the animals from Xavi, Cristina and Sergio. You must listen the podcasts and try to guess the 3 animals.

Remember the rules:

1.- Write only in English

2.- One writing comment right give you one point. You win two points for every right animal.

3.- This secret animal 8 will finish on Sunday 12th april

4.- On Monday 13th march I’ll publish the new score.

Good luck to everybody

1.- The Cristina’s secret animal. 


2.- The Sergio’s secret animal


3.- The Xavi’s secret animal



Cordoba is a beautiful city. Today it is a city of moderate size. In Cordoba there are: malls, parks, a lot of houses and more things. The Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba is one of the most important monuments of the architecture Hispanic-Muslim. Among the greatest treasures stored Arabo- Andalusian art is undoubtedly the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Enlarged by four successive Umayyad rulers, columns created this site for prayer and to the delight is certainly unique in the Islamic world and the Chiristian.Maria and Laura



Vielha: it is a snow city and it is very tourist.            

It’s got very big and high mountains (high and big).


(It’s necessary) You need ski boots (ski) to ski. Ski is very difficult.

(This situated) It is in north-(Cataluña) Catalonia. The heaven is clear and the sun is hot but not much