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Carcassone is an old city. It is (on) in the France. In Carcassone there are restaurants  and shops.Popular places to visit are the casttle and church.  The casttle is in the center of the Carcassone.  Church is near the casttle.


Rome (it’s) is the capital of Italy.

Rome (it’s) is near the river Tiber. Rome (it’s) is at the center of Italy and south of Europe. In Rome it’s typical the (circus) Roman Circus and Fontana di Trevi. (The food typical of Rome) The Rome typical food is paste and pizza. There are a lot of cathedrals. The very important cathedral is San Juan de Letran, and there are a lot of museums because Rome has a great and rich history.

Anna Vera and David Gonzalo


Tokyo is a beautiful and old city in central-eastern island of Honshu.

Popular places to visit are the Metropolitan Museum photo and National Museum of Science.

Tokyo has schools, hospitals and museums. 





What is it like?

Venice is composed of 120 small islands joiend by 400 bridges.

You reach venice from the mainland by bridge that acesses the Liberty Pizzale Roma.

Where is it?

Between the mouths of the Po River (south) and Piave(north), in northeastern Italy.

There are:

Rialto market, (shop Jesurum, Ca’Club, canovacion II), palaces, churches, ….

Popular places to visit:

Golfo di Venize, Ventian Lagoon, bridges, rivers and Fragile Fantasy Venice.


Llibres per recomanar

Hola a tots.

A mi m’encanta llegir, així que us recomano dos llibres interesants:

La tribu de Camelot: La Carlota i el misteri del canari robat

Les bruixes:

Espero que aquestes recomanacions us hagin agradat

Fins aviat!

Anna Vera