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You’d like to practise listening with videos, wouldn’t you?

Students in Fourth Course can make the most of this page to share interesting videos with each other. It’s so easy to do! Here’s a selection of websites to get you started:


On this blog entry, click on “Comments”, and look at the Comments at the bottom of the page. Simply click on the title of the video.


  1. First choose a suitable video from a website.
  2. When you’ve got a good clip, click on “Comments” on this blog entry.
  3. Look at “Leave a Reply”, which is at the end of the page.
  4. In the “Name” box, write the title of your chosen video (not your name).
  5. In “Mail”, you must give your email address, which won’t be published.
  6. Now copy the web page address for the video and paste it into the “Website” box (for example,
  7. Type in the spam filter password from the image displayed.
  8. Write a short description of the video in the last box. Please feel free to give your opinion about it.
  9. Finally, click on the “Submit Comment” button to send your contribution.
  10. Thank you very much indeed for taking part!

Advertisements (so/such … that)

Advertisements (adverts / ads)

A. Fairy Liquid (example)
  1. It lasts so long that … you won’t need to buy it very often.
  2. It lasts for such a long time that …
  3. It’s so long-lasting that…
  4. It’s such a long-lasting product that …
  5. Just one bottle will do so much that …
  6. You can wash so many plates with just one bottle that …
  7. You can do so much washing-up with just one bottle that …

B. Duracell (Exercise: solutions below)
  1. Duracell batteries are __________ good that they almost never run out.
  2. They’re __________ good batteries that they almost never run out.
  3. They work __________ well that they almost never run out.
  4. With Duracell you can use your device __________    __________ times that the batteries will last for years.
  5. With Duracell you can use your device __________ often that the batteries will last for years.

C. Superglue (Exercise: solutions below)
  1. It sticks things __________  fast that it could trap a mouse.
  2. It’s __________ fast-acting glue that it could trap a mouse.
  3. Its strength is __________ great that nothing will ever come unstuck.
  4. Superglue can stick __________  a lot of different materials that you can use it to mend almost anything.
  5. Superglue can stick __________     __________ different materials that you can use it to mend almost anything.

D. Peugeot (Exercise: solutions below)
  1. You can rely on a Peugeot car  __________    __________ that you won’t need to take it to the garage except for routine services.
  2. Peugeot cars are __________ reliable that you’ll hardly ever need to take yours to the garage.
  3. You can drive __________ a long way in your Peugeot, without taking it to the garage, that you’ll save a fortune on repair bills.
  4. Peugeot cars have __________  a reputation for reliability that you should buy one without a doubt.
  5. Peugeot cars are __________ good value for money that you’ll never regret buying one.


B. Duracell

  1. so
  2. such
  3. so
  4. so many
  5. so
C. Superglue
  1. so 
  2. such 
  3. so
  4. such
  5. so many
D. Peugeot
  1. so much
  2. so
  3. such
  4. such
  5. such
  • Write five sentences of your own to advertise the following products.
  • You don’t need to use the words given in the prompts: just use your imagination!

1. Product – A breakfast cereal

Characteristic – crunchy

Benefit – enjoyment

2. Product –  An Internet connection

Characteristic – fast

Benefit – saving time

3. Product –  Lipstick

Characteristic – glossy

Benefit – attractiveness

4. Product –  A children’s toy

Characteristic – adaptable

Benefit – hours of entertainment

5. Product –  Language classes

Characteristic – up to date

Benefit – motivation

Adjectives and Adverbials – Word Order

Positions of Adjectives/Adverbials

Click on the links below to go to the corresponding website with grammar analysis and online exercises.

  Adjective Order (click here)









Order of Adverbials (click here)

Beth swims
in the pool
every morning
before dawn
to keep in shape.
Dad walks
into town
every afternoon
before supper
to get a newspaper.
Tashonda naps
in her room
every morning
before lunch.

Adverbials: “BBC Learning English”

Online Exercises

1. Rebuild the sentences “Drag and Drop” (Hot Potatoes Format)

2. Rebuild the sentences “Position of Adverbs”  (New English File 4)

3. Rebuild the sentences “Adjective Order” (Headway Advanced)

4. Multiple Choice “Order of Adverbials”

5. Space Invaders Game “Adjective Order” (New English File 4)

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Junk food, junk school. Lovin’ it?

The previous post, Energy Wasting Day, shows an April Fool’s Day joke (click here for a classic example) with the worthy intention of focusing attention on the issue of energy use in our daily lives. However, the following news is NOT an April Fool.

Read this McDonald’s website and decide for yourself. Does this mean the final destruction of British state education, or is this the way forward? Is this the future for Catalonia, with plans for indirect management  of schools? (A[dvanced] Level is equivalent to Batxillerat.)  

McDonald’s to offer qualification that is equivalent to an A-level

McDonald’s has become one of the first companies in the UK to be given Awarding Body status by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), enabling them to award accredited qualifications, equal to GCSE’s, A levels and degrees, to employees for the first time.

McDonald’s has been piloting a ‘Basic Shift Managers’ course since the beginning of the year, to teach staff everything they need know about the day-to-day running of a restaurant, from basic operational requirements and marketing to human resources and finance.

The initiative aims to give official credit to training which otherwise would not be recognised outside of McDonald’s and demonstrate how the workplace can be part of employees’ continuous learning.

McDonald’s A Level
 What’s wrong with Mcdonald’s?Source: Website
  Grease Gag