San Francisco

(A)    A classic song      This song is from the sixties, when hippie culture brought flower power into the world. Listen and do the interactive task.
(B)   The Golden Gate Bridge    This is San Francisco’s famous landmark. Get the key facts by watching this video. Answer these five questions. (You can read the transcription on YouTube – click on “Show more”.)

  1. Who was the designer of the bridge?
  2. When was it finished?
  3. How many years did it take to build?
  4. How many people lost their lives building it?
  5. How many cars have crossed the bridge?[youtube][/youtube]

(C) If you have more time, you can watch The Top Ten Attractions in San Francisco.

London Top 10 Quiz

How much do you know about London? Here’s a quiz related to some of the city’s top tourist attractions. After doing the quiz, watch the Top Ten video and check your answers.
10. What’s Saint Paul’s?
9. Which naval hero has a monument in Trafalgar Square?
8. What’s a “double-decker”?
7. What’s the Thames?
6. Which “garden” is recommended for eating, drinking and shopping?
5. How old is the Tower of London?
4. Was London’s most famous bridge constructed in 1948 or in 1894?*
3. Where is the House of Lords?
2. Where can you see the changing of the guard?
1. Which attraction was made to celebrate the new millenium in 2000?
*Correction (Q. 4): the name of this bridge is actually Tower Bridge, not London Bridge as this American video says.[youtube][/youtube](YouTube link)

Holiday questions

  1. Where did you go?
  2. When did you go?
  3. Who did you go with?
  4. Where did you stay?
  5. What was the food like?
  6. What was the weather like?
  7. What did you do during the day?
  8. What did you do at night?
  9. Did you have a good time?
  10. Did you have any problems?