Adjectives and Adverbials – Word Order

Positions of Adjectives/Adverbials

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  Adjective Order (click here)









Order of Adverbials (click here)

Beth swims
in the pool
every morning
before dawn
to keep in shape.
Dad walks
into town
every afternoon
before supper
to get a newspaper.
Tashonda naps
in her room
every morning
before lunch.

Adverbials: “BBC Learning English”

Online Exercises

1. Rebuild the sentences “Drag and Drop” (Hot Potatoes Format)

2. Rebuild the sentences “Position of Adverbs”  (New English File 4)

3. Rebuild the sentences “Adjective Order” (Headway Advanced)

4. Multiple Choice “Order of Adverbials”

5. Space Invaders Game “Adjective Order” (New English File 4)

Pen-and-Paper Game

Write one stage at a time, then fold your piece of paper over. Pass your piece of paper to your neighbour. On the piece of paper you get from your neighbour, write the next stage, and so on.

1. the indefinite article and an adjective of personality

2. a singular noun

3.  a single-word adverb of manner

4. a transitive verb in past simple

5. a cardinal number >= 2

6. an adjective of size/shape

7.  adjective(s) of colour

8. adjective of material

9. a plural noun


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