My Wonderful Dream

Lleida is the name of my city,
And the flat where I live isn’t pretty.
The music which I listen to is on CD,
And the people who I meet aren’t on TV.
The food which I eat in restaurants is pizza,
And the car which I drive is an old Ibiza.
I’m not an astronaut who travels by rocket,
And there’s not much money in my pocket.
But last night I had a dream,
And in my wonderful dream…
I lived (Complete the poem. Example: in a palace on a tropical island.)
I (VERB IN PAST)……………………
I (VERB IN PAST)……………………
I (VERB IN PAST)……………………
I (VERB IN PAST)……………………
I (VERB IN PAST)……………………

Police Report

Bad luck! When you were on holiday, some robbers got into your house. The criminals took some of your favourite expensive objects. Fortunately, you took a photo of your living room before travelling (Photo 1). When you got home, you took Photo 2. You can see the difference! 

Now write the sentences for the Police Report. Use there was / there were and prepositions with suitable vocabulary (in New English File Student’s Book on page 151).

Example. There was an ornament on the table. It was grey, and it was a sculpture of a tree. 

There was a/an carpet cushion lamp ornament picture plant stool above
next to
the armchair
the corner
the cupboard
the floor
the sofa
the table
the walls 
There were some
There were two/three…
carpets cushions lamps ornaments pictures plants stools

Describe the photo

Write your description of this photo. You can invent some information about this person. To help you, here’s an example of a description for a similar type of photo.

This is John Albright. He’s twenty-eight years old and he’s from Wales. He works for a German car company in a big factory. In this photo he’s standing next to a car, and he’s putting a wheel on it.

He’s quite fat and he has short dark hair. He’s wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. In the photo he’s wearing special glasses, but he doesn’t normally wear them.

He doesn’t like his job, but he loves driving cars in his free time. He can also drive a bus, a tractor or a lorry, but he can’t ride a motorbike! He really likes watching Formula One racing on TV at weekends. He always watches Fernando Alonso, but he hates him. His favourite driver is Lewis Hamilton. 

Happy Birthday, Molly!

Complete the spaces. You can use these verbs:-
Be (x2); Be born; Buy; Can; Eat; Have; Like; Wear.
[1] __________ Molly Dickinson. [2] __________ happy because it’s her birthday. [3] __________ 1st April 1938. [4] ___________ a party hat, but it’s very small for her. [5] ___________ her homemade birthday cake. [6] ___________ cooking very much, so she spends a lot of time in her kitchen. [7] ___________ make delicious biscuits and wonderful sweet puddings. [8] __________ tea and biscuits with her friend Mr Miller every afternoon. [9] __________ a nice birthday present for Molly in the shopping centre yesterday – a teapot and a set of mugs.

Have they finished the living room yet?

Have they finished the living room yet?
Look at how this room has changed!
You’re staying at your friend Homer’s house in London, but he’s gone to China on business. While he’s been away, an interior design company has redecorated his living room. You’ve just received this email. Write your reply to Homer.
"They’ve painted…" / "They haven’t painted…"
At 00:03 GMT+1
TO: Roser Cases
FROM: Homer S. Castle
Dear Roser,
Thanks a lot for looking after everything. I’m sorry, but I can’t come back yet, in fact I need to stay in Beijing for another week. Things are going much too slowly, and I haven’t signed any contracts yet! Anyway, I hope you’re having a good holiday. You’ve already visited Buckingham Palace, haven’t you? So you could go and visit Windsor Castle by train.
Have they finished decorating the living room yet? I’m sending you a list of the changes I wanted. Have they done everything? Please could you do me a big favour and write back to tell me?
By the way, what colour would you prefer for a teapot? Sorry to ruin the surprise, but I think you wanted one to match your kitchen walls, didn’t you? I’ve just bought you a blue one, but I’ll get another one in a different colour, no problem!
So, here’s that list:
  1. Paint the walls blue.
  2. Cover the sofa with white cotton covers.
  3. Cover the footrest with blue cotton covers.
  4. Buy a backgammon set and put it on the footrest.
  5. Keep the yellow curtains.
  6. Put a very small basket next to the fire (for firewood).
  7. Put a comfortable chair next to the fire.
  8. Hang a picture of happy young ladies above the fireplace.
  9. Buy a table to go next to the sofa (any Eastern style is OK).
  10. Sell that horrible abstract painting which is in the corner between the windows.
  11. Install a TV in the same corner!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you – I just hope everything’s fine!
Thanks a million,
PS. If they’ve already sent the bill, how much is it?