Digital Project: Water Issues Survey

In the Water Issues Survey digital project, you will survey members of the community to learn about the water issues that are most important to them and the actions they would take to address the issue. Then, you will create an infographic to share your findings and reflections.

You can use 1 of these digital tools to create your infographic:

Piktochart A program for creating charts and informational graphics.


Canva An online poster and document making tool that allows one to make professional looking infographics and presentations. An easy to use infographic creation website.

Last year’s infographics here and here.

Water Poems

As you have seen, one of the objectives in Unit 4 is to learn how to recite a poem in English.

You can choose one of these poems:

Or any of the following:

You can also try this game and then use this poem (click on the image to access the link):

You will have to find images which illustrate your poem. So, you need to understand what the poem says, first.

Use Voicethread to record your voice to the chosen images.

Some tips:

  • Read the poem slowly. 
  • Read in a normal, relaxed tone of voice. 
  • Use a dictionary to look up unfamiliar words and hard-to-pronounce words.

This assignment is due for April, 2.

Christmas Culture Box from South Korea

We have finally received our Christmas Culture Box from our peers in Seoul, South Korea.

Korean Culture Box

We can reflect on what we have received on this wall. You can also find out more by doing online research so that you can complement what you are reading or seeing. If you have questions or need further explanations, you can also ask them here.

Hecho con Padlet

Ms. Tammy Trevor’s Visit

As you already know, a Canadian teacher, Ms. Tammy Trevor, is visiting us next week.

She’s from Edmonton, Alberta. Have you ever heard of Edmonton before?

Well, it is a city of over 900,000 people in the Canadian province of Alberta.
117Avenue [CC BY-SA 3.0 (] From top left, the skyline of downtown Edmonton from the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River, the Rowand House in the Fort Edmonton courtyard at Fort Edmonton Park, the Alberta Legislature Building from the northeast, the Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton City Hall and Law Courts from 102A Avenue and 97 Street, a statue of Wayne Gretzky under a pedestrian bridge on the south side of Rogers Place, the High Level Bridge and Dudley B. Menzies Bridge from the north bank, and the Muttart Conservatory from the south, in Edmonton.

Do you want to know more about her town, Edmonton, or her school, Laurier Heights School? Well, you could find out, do some research, so that you can come up with some questions to ask her. Also, questions about the city’s local waterways and water system.

When looking for information about Edmonton, you’ll find out the city is home to North America’s largest mall, West Edmonton Mall.

  • Which is your favorite mall? Why?
  • What would you like a mall to have?

So, let’s see what is special about  West Edmonton Mall.