About toilets

I. Do you know who Matt Damon is?

II. Let’s play “true or false” with him.

III. What do you think this ad is about?

IV. Why do you think open urination and defecation is different for men and for women?

V. Have a look at these Toilets Of 7 Families Around The World

  1. What is a a pour-flush toilet?
  2. And a pit toilet or pit latrine?

VI. Which do you think is the strangest / the most convenient / the cleverest / the funniest / the most amazing of these toilets?

  1. The one-way glass public toilet?
  2. The evening Urilift which looks like a hole cover during the day?
  3. The Pimped Out John which  includes a laptop, a gaming console, a TV, a refrigerator and even some exercise pedals?
  4. The crystal Isis toilet?
  5. The Toilet Seat Scale which tells you how much weight you’ve lost while using it?

VII. Have a look at this slideshow on the World’s craziest toilet bowls. Which is the top craziest for you? Why?

Submit your votes for VI and VII in a comment below.

5 thoughts on “About toilets”

  1. VI.- I think that the strangerest toilet it’s Urilifit, the most convenient it’s Pimped out John, the cleverest it’s Toilet Seat Scale, the funniest it’s One way glass and the most amazing for me it’s Isis tolilet because you can see the other people but the oter people can’t see you.

    VII.- I think that the more craziest toilet it’s the one that is a type of transport. For me it’s the more craziest because you can “do your thinks ´´ while you are going to any where.

  2. VI-
    1- For me, the one-way glass is the most cleveriest toilet.
    2- I think the Urilift is the most strangest toilet.
    3- The Pimped Out John is the most amazing, because you can do everything when you are doing your needs.
    4- The crystal Isis is for me, the most funniest toilet.
    5- And the Toilet Seat Scale is in my opinion the most convenient toilet.

    I think the top craziest is one that has a face shape, with a mouth on the toilet.

  3. Vl.
    I think that of these toilets the most amazig is the Pimed Out John which includes a laptop, a gaming console, a TV, a refrigerator and even some exercise pedals because I can do very thing in more minutes.
    I think that the best carzy toilet is the blow with fish lovers because is very beautiful.

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