Let’s reflect on the Community Action Projects!

I. Today we’re going to reflect on your Community Action Project and we’re also going to have a look at your peers’ CAPs in the e-classroom so that you can give them feedback.

Let’s begin by your CAPs. Use the “Reflect and Evaluate” worksheet in your Dossier and these flashcards to discuss these questions:

  1. Review your Project Goal. Did you meet your Goal? How do you know?
  2. What did you learn by doing your Community Action Project?
  3. How did you contribute to your team’s Community Action Project? If you did this project again, what would you do differently? Why?
  4. How can you keep the project going after the Global Scholars program ends?

Every team member needs to speak at least twice. You can get rid of the “speaking cards” (by placing them on top of the table) every time you contribute with your ideas.

II. Explore your peers’ CAPs in the e-classroom. Use these prompts to hold a discussion on the following:

What is the topic for their project?


  • Water Clean-Up
  • Public Health
  • Water Security
  • Water Conservation
  • Stormwater
  • Plastic Waste
  • Another Water Issue

Is the project similar to yours? Is it different?

Give them feedback by using the template.

How could their project work in our city? What changes would you have to make?

III. Now it’s your turn to self and peer assess your CAP using the evaluation handout.

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