Christmas Culture Box from South Korea

We have finally received our Christmas Culture Box from our peers in Seoul, South Korea.

Korean Culture Box

We can reflect on what we have received on this wall. You can also find out more by doing online research so that you can complement what you are reading or seeing. If you have questions or need further explanations, you can also ask them here.

Hecho con Padlet

Questions about our Christmas Box

Our peers in Seoul have received our Christmas Box, but they have some questions.

This is the e-mail their teacher, Jeonkang, sent me:

Hello, Mireia.

Last Monday, we finally opened your box and happily enjoyed all the items you gave us. Thank you so much.

My students liked the figures most and wondered why you put the funny but a little embarrassing figures under the Christmas tree. Can you tell the reason more?

Next week is the Lunar New Year’s holiday so right after the holidays, we sent you a culture box. I’m going to enclose items with explanations in a letter.  

I hope you’ll enjoy the box.  

See you soon. Have a nice weekend.

So, bring explanations for that!

Sports Culture Box Exchange With NYC

Your peers at Mott Hall Charter School in Bronx, NYC were very happy to receive your letters, objects and explanations about sports in Sant Boi, Barcelona and/or Catalonia.

Now you’ll see what they gave us in exchange.

Read carefully and share your insights, a summary of what you read or see, a picture illustrating what they tell you, etc. Remember to sign your contributions.

Hecho con Padlet

Hecho con Padlet