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Meaghan Jette Martin

Meghan is from Las Vegas , United States. Also she was the model for the program M.A.G.I.C. At this moment she has finished (his) her work on the Disney Channel original movie, Camp Rock where she plays Tess Tyler. Thanks to this film she sings (plays only)  two songs titled, “2 Stars ” and “Too Cool ” , and interprets ” We Rock ” and ” Our time is Here ” . Her new project is the film Privileged (In their next projects highlights privileged). Moreover she appeared as a guest on Zack and Cory : Twins in action and Just Jordan.

by Oriol


1.Nombre del medicamento: Apiretal.

2.Indicaciones (para que sirve): Sirve para desinflamar y bajar la fiebre.

3.Posología (dosis y cada cuantas horas debemos tomarlo): Cada 6 o 8 horas.

4.Efectos secundarios ( que puede pasar por tomarlo): Erupciones cutáneas y alteraciones hematológicas.

5.Composición(que lleva):Paracetamol 100mg.Sacarina sógica,polietilenglicol,gliceron,ácido benzoico,esencia de frambuesa,azorubina y agua.

6.Otras cosas de interes.Mareos,vómitos,pérdida de apetito etc.