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When I‘m older I want to be a professor because I love children.

I like to teach to the children so that they learn. (The) People say I do (who) it well

and (who) (I have much patience) I’m pacient. For that reason I want to be a professor.

    by Meritxell                           


Emily Jordan Osment lives in California, Los Angeles. She is an actress, singer and songwriter. (When) she co-starred as Gerti Giggles in the Spike Kids Trilogy. She is working on a movie for the series Hannah Montana.

Bugs Project File

I went to Montserrat with my parents and my neighbours. We ate a tuna sandwich.
hold a birthday of a friend in painting, and I Merenda bin looking to go home.
I went to locutorio and batuka.
I went to my grandparents house and walked.
We played 18 € to the “primitiva”.


1. ibuprufeno

2. para quitar el dolor de cabeza, músculos y el malestar general

3. una dosis cada ocho horas

4. vómitos, dolores de cabeza y diarreas

5. croscarmelos sodica hipromelosa lactosa celulosa microcristalina

almidón de maiz silice coloidal dioxido de titanio talco purificado

6. no usar en mujeres embarazadas ni en niños menores de 3 años