Questions for our Crookhorn’s friends

Next week we are going to do the videoconference with the Crookhorn’s students, if Internet works, of course.

These are the questions that you have prepared for that day:

1.    What do you want to be?

2.    What is the place that you like more in your city?

3.    How many students are there in your school?

4.    Do you like your school?

5.    Is there any football team in your school?

6. How old is your school?

7.    Do you like your city?

8.    How many students are there in your class?

9.    What do you like more about your country?

10.  Do you like your teachers?

11.  What are the most important sights of your city?

12.  Do you like to visit Spain?

13.  Do you do Art in your school?

14.  Are there any football fields in your school?

15.  Is your school big or small?

16.  What subjects do you do?

17.  Do you learn any foreign language?

18.  What is your school timetable?

19.  What do you do in your free time?

20.  What is your favourite food?

21.  Is Spanish a compulsory subject?

22.  Would you like to visit Spain?

23.  Do you use uniform in your school?

24.  What is your favourite English unit?

25.  How many classrooms are there in your school?

26.  How many stairs and floors are there in your school?

27.  Do you like Maths?

28.  How old are you?

29.  What is your typical food?

30.  What’s your English’s teacher name?

Can you think in more questions ? Here you are some more examples if you need:

  • Have  you ever been to Spain ? Where ?
  • Do you like pets ? Do you have any pets ?
  • What computer games do you play ?
  • What do you prefer ? DS, Wii or PSP ?
  • What is your favourite football team ?
  • What is your favourite football player ?
  • What is your favourite actor/actress/music/TV programme/singer/song ?
  • Do you like studying Spanish ?

20 thoughts on “Questions for our Crookhorn’s friends

  1. Ricard Post author

    Thank you for your comments, Coral, Jack, Lewwis and Caroline. We are waiting to see you on Friday too.

  2. Beccii

    My School Is Okay ! =]
    I’ve Been To Spain Once And It Was Really Sunny And Hot ! =D I Might Be Coming To Spain Again This Year !! Yay

  3. Claudia

    Yes I have been to Sain, I have been to Granada. I really enjoyed it. Also I used to live in Spain, in Gibralta.

    Have you ever been to England, where?

  4. jack boister

    I want to be a chef. What do you want to be? We do art in our you do music in your school? We do wear uniform you are so lucky if you don’t. I would like to vist Spain. Would you like to come to england? Our school is massive. How big is your school? We learn one foreign language per year and i am doing Spainish!!! My most favorite football team is Portsmouth f.c! Whats yours?

  5. taya

    I am 11 years old.I go out to play in my free school is 40 years you like school?do you want to come to england?How old is your school?Do you like school?

  6. Ricard Post author

    Hi Reece, Beccii, Ashley, Sarah, Claudia, Kieren, Jack and Taya. You are welcome to our class blog. You are invited to visit and comment the different post.

  7. aimee

    My frave food is pizza. and i am 11 years old and i have blue eyes and blonde hair and i live with my sister called hannah and my mum called sally my 3 pets i have a gerbill, cat, rabbit and my girbill is called sammy and my cat is called daisy and my rabbit is called toffie.

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