Who is who 4, the end

It is difficult this who is who, isn’t it ? But at the end you have got it. Two questions has been the clues. Is he a teacher ? and is he the director ? Director is not an English word. In America they say the principal and in United Kingdom they say the headmaster.

Raul, Adrià M., Alicia, Mikel, Arnau Cardo and Àlex have got the misterious who is who 4.

This is the new who is who score

And here you are the top ten:

1.- Raul                                         52 points

2.- Arnau Cardo                          32 points

3.- Adrià J.                                   30 points

4.- Paula J.                                   26 points

5.- Alícia  and Adriàn M.            25  points

6.- Mikel                                       19 points

7.- Raquel                                     18 points

8.- Alex                                          17 points

9.- Noelia S.                                  13 points

10.- Aida                                         12 points

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  1. Ricard Post author

    I dont’ know. What do you want ? Do you want more who is who or do you want another English activities ?

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