Who is who 2, the end

The second who is who has finished.

The famous person is RUDY FERNÁNDEZ

Omar, Adrià J., Miki, Arnau Cardo, Raul, Jordi and Adrián M. have guessed him. Congratulations. You have the complete who is who score in this page

The post who is who 2  has got more than 90 comments. That’s great. 17 pupils have wrote unless one question. If you like you can continue with the third who is who.

One thought on “Who is who 2, the end

  1. Adrià .J

    The who i who is very diffucultd.

    El who is who 3 es molt dificil es super home. Com si foci superman a algo així.

    Yes Adrià, this who is who is more difficult, but he is a very well-know man, and he is well-know all around the world.

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