The Youngcast Project

What is the Youngcast Project ?

The Youngcast Project is an English Project with 5 Spanish schools and 5 English schools.

It is an audio project divide in 4 parts:

1st part: we record and audio with our presentation (name, school name, students, timetable, subjects, likes and dislikes …)

2nd part: we record and audio report

3rd part: we participate in a videoconference with an English school

4th part: a summary ending

You can listen the audios from the others schools in the youncast blog

And here you have your teachers presentation:

These are the schools:

Bishop Challoner London 13 years
Chipping Campden Chipping Campden 13 years
Crookborn College Porstmouth 11 years
Crookborn College Portsmouth 13 years
Howell’s School Cardiff 11 years
Montserrat Barcelona
Sant Andreu Badalona 2n. ESO
 Nazaret Tenerife 1r. ESO
Escola Pia Moià


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