Elena Furiase

Elena Furiase is a famous actress.
She’s from Spain and she lives in Madrid.
She’s (got) twenty years old.
She likes pop music and theatre.
She usually wears T-shirt and jeans.
She’s was born on 9th of March, 1988.
In her free time she usually listen(t)s to music.
In these moments she’s working at the serie: “El internado”.

2 thoughts on “Elena Furiase

  1. Ricard

    EXCELLENT. I think you like Internado very much. You must be happy now, because they begin it again. Which day of the week ? At what time ? and in which channel ?

  2. Alicia Abadía Post author

    Hello. Yes, I like very much the Internado. The second season starts on wednesday at a quarter past ten in the channel Antena 3. And yes, I’m happy:D Bye.

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