Rice with milk Asturian style

-200 grams of rice round
-200 ml of water
-2.5 l of whole milk
-1 large lemon
-1 large cinnamon stick
-150 g of white sugar
-1 generous pinch of salt
-Mixture of 100 g of sugar and 10 g of cinnamon

Preparation :

1. To start, peel the lemon.

2.  To continue, heat two liters of milk. Add the lemon peel and finally the brach of canela . And to end,wait 5 minutes( for infusing the milk).

3. In another pot put the rice with water with a pinch of salt and put it in a boil. Take it off when the rice was without water. Go stirring every 10 minutes to avoid sticking and for a well mixture of the flavors.

4. Add two vessels of milk and be always stirring to achieve the desired creaminess.

5. When we see that the rice is creamy, we continue adding the sugar. The sugar is always added at the end to prevent sticking.

6. To presentate it, you can fill some nice pots decorated or wherever you want. And then we have to burn the surface of this pudding. For it, we took a spoon of sugar mixed with cinnamon and we put it in the top and then we burn it with a kitchen torch.

7. For this recipe you can take a splash of anise which make it really rich. I advise you to throw real cow’s milk, but if you can’t find it you can get help with a brick of 200 cc of cream, the pastry cream.

Fhoto from: Arroz con leche al estilo Asturiano.

Information from: Arroz con leche al estilo Asturiano.

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