The secret animal 7

Here you are the 7th secret animal game. In this game you have five secret animals, the animals from Pere, Rodrigo and the 3 Saras . You must listen the podcasts and try to guess the 5 animals.

Remember the rules:

1.- Write only in English

2.- One writing comment right give you one point. You win one point for every right animal.

3.- This secret animal 7 will finish next Saturday 28th march

4.- Next Sunday 29th march I’ll publish the new score.

Good luck to everybody

1.- The Pere’s secret animal


2.- The Rodrigo’s secret animal


3.- The Sara Mar.’s secret animal


4.- The Sara Mem’s secret animal


5.- The Sara Mor.’s secret animal


10 thoughts on “The secret animal 7

  1. Andrea

    the secret animal of sara morante is a dolphin

    bay bay

    andera mazalbet sanz

  2. Mireia Olivares


    1- Pere: It is a scorpion.
    2- Rodrigo: It is a cat.
    3- Sara Mar: It is a spanish lynx.
    4- Sara Mem: It is an elephant.
    5- Sara Mor: It is a dolphin.

    Bye, bye.

  3. raul


    1- It is a scorpion.
    2- It is a cat.
    3- It is a spanish lynx.
    4- It is an elephant.
    5- It is a dolphin.

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