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A diamond in the water

It was a town with a big imagination. Every day, their inhabitants
came to the mountains to see the river night’s diamond. One night, a child decided  to come down and search for the river night’s diamond. The following night, the child
and the rest of the people in town decided to come together to see how light it
was. When they arrived at the river, a boy approached the river to try to catch
the diamond, but he couldn’t. The people in town thought the child wasn’t
strong enough to catch the diamond and stronger men tried to do that themselves.
But, they didn’t succeed either. Suddenly, a young girl, who was looking at
the diamond thought it was just the moon’s reflection on water and decided to
inform the other people.

Since that night, all the people came to admire the moon and tried to get
a piece of it, but they knew that if they did, the moon will never appear again
because it was more beautiful up there, on the sky.


By Elia Romero

3rd ESO D


The Fonix, concurs d’anglès 2009

Our school is taking part in the 2nd English competition, The Fonix 2009, organized by Internatioanl House.

Next Saturday, 7th March, the regional stage competition will take place at INEFC in Barcelona.

 Logo Fonix

The followings students will represent us:

  • 1st ESO: Anna Gas
  • 2nd ESO: Arnau Guillén
  • 3rd ESO: Marlene Rivero
  • 4th ESO: Pablo Otalora
  • 1st Batx: Alba M. Hernández
  • 2nd Batx: Noemi San Emeterioç

We wish them good luck

For further information visit the web page:

English Department