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Have you got a rabbit ? (1st grade)


Hi, 1st grade pupils !

On Thursday we recorded more videos about PETS. Here you can watch the performance of each one of the groups !

See you tomorrow

Group A

Group B

Hairstyles board game (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade children !

Today, we have been practising with vocabulary related to hairstyles. Have a look at this Picture Trail and enjoy the photographs. See you on Wednesday !

Job mixer (6th grade)


Hi, 6th grade students! In this game you will meet people who do different jobs. Read what they need to do their jobs, and click on the arrows to see if you can find the clothes and things that they need. You will get a green light each time you find the right thing. When you have found everything you will find out what job each person does.


Jobs activities (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade students !

Let’s know our New English Friends ! They have created 35 activities about JOBS.

Click on each one of the 5 sections with 7 activities each one !

Activity 1: Click and learn how to say it !

Activity 2: Fill in the gaps

Activity 3: Click on each character and listen to the dialogue

Activity 4: Fill in the gaps

Word tower: Complete the words using the correct letter

Lost letters: Put the letters in order

Match cards: A memory game matching the word and the picture.

Write in a comment the results of the games (Tower of words, Lost letters & Match cards) of each section.


Section 1: Jobs

Tower of words: I spent ____ minutes and ___ seconds. I got _____ points.

Lost Letters: I spent ____ minutes and ___ seconds.

Match cards: I got ____ pairs and _____ points.

Section 2: Job descriptions


Hangman: Zoo animals (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade pupils ! A new guessing game about zoo animals ! This time you’ve got to read the clue and select the correct letters to write the name of the animal to save the monkey !

Tell me in a comment how many animals did you get correct !

Ex: I got ______ animals correct !


Help the zookeeper (3rd grade)


Hi, 3rd grade boys and girls ! Can you help the zoo keeper and put the animals in the cages from A to Z ?

Have a look at the name of the animals an try it !

How many time did you spend?

EX: I spent _____ seconds !


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