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Balloon Burst (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade students ! In this game you’ll see a picture of a zoo animal, for example, a rhino. Can you hit the letters ‘R’ ‘H’ ‘I’ ‘N’ and ‘O’ as they go past on balloons? You must hit the letters in the right order! When you’ve finished, you’ll get another picture.

There are six pictures.

Ex: I’ve got _____ pictures correct.


Zoo animals: Wordsearch (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade pupils! Can you find 10 zoo animals in this wordsearch ?

Click on the image and click on the CLUE button if you want some help.

At the end, click on the SUBMIT button to check your answers !

Tell me in a comment how many animals can you find !

Ex: I found ______ animals

See you on Monday !


Dictation Unit 5 (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade students! Prepare the DICTATION for Friday 20th of May. Try to do your best !


Let’s find out about the body

“We need to use bones and muscles to move our body.

Our body has got a lot of bones.

This is called a skeleton. We use muscles to move the bones in our body.

This is an acrobat. She is very flexible. She can use her bones and muscles to move her body in different ways.

This is a strongman. He is very strong. He can use his bones and muscles to pick up heavy objects.”

Click on the correct hairstyle ! (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade students !

Have a look at the image and click on the correct hairstyle.

Read it carefully !

Tell me in a comment your results.

Ex: My score is _____ points in _____ minutes and _____ seconds


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