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My favourite computer game !! (4th grade)


Hi, 1st grade children !

Let’s review our compositions about computer games. Here you can watch Alba and Marcel performing their speech.

See you on Wednesday !

Group A (Marcel)

Group B (Alba)

Animal noises (2nd grade)


Hi 2nd grade pupils!

Try to answer the questions about farm animals. Click on the correct option.

See you later !


Prepositions of movement (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade students! Last week we were studying prepositions of movement (go up, go over, go up, go down, go around, go through). Here you can watch a video and do some exercises !

See you on Thursday ! Don’t be late !

Tell me in a comment the prepositions that appear on the video !

Ex: The prepositions are…


Order the planet facts (6th grade)


Hi, 6th grade children ! A new activity to practise about planets. Read some of the facts related to the planets and order the sentences according to the planet position from the sun !

Tell me in a comment how many sentences you did correctly !

Ex: I did ____ sentences correctly.


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