Describe the photo

Write your description of this photo. You can invent some information about this person. To help you, here’s an example of a description for a similar type of photo.

This is John Albright. He’s twenty-eight years old and he’s from Wales. He works for a German car company in a big factory. In this photo he’s standing next to a car, and he’s putting a wheel on it.

He’s quite fat and he has short dark hair. He’s wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. In the photo he’s wearing special glasses, but he doesn’t normally wear them.

He doesn’t like his job, but he loves driving cars in his free time. He can also drive a bus, a tractor or a lorry, but he can’t ride a motorbike! He really likes watching Formula One racing on TV at weekends. He always watches Fernando Alonso, but he hates him. His favourite driver is Lewis Hamilton.