Happy Birthday, Molly!

Complete the spaces. You can use these verbs:-
Be (x2); Be born; Buy; Can; Eat; Have; Like; Wear.
[1] __________ Molly Dickinson. [2] __________ happy because it’s her birthday. [3] __________ 1st April 1938. [4] ___________ a party hat, but it’s very small for her. [5] ___________ her homemade birthday cake. [6] ___________ cooking very much, so she spends a lot of time in her kitchen. [7] ___________ make delicious biscuits and wonderful sweet puddings. [8] __________ tea and biscuits with her friend Mr Miller every afternoon. [9] __________ a nice birthday present for Molly in the shopping centre yesterday – a teapot and a set of mugs.