A presentation on a city in your collaboration


In groups you are going to prepare an oral presentation on a city in your collaboration.

You should include:

  • continent
  • location on a world map
  • location on a country map
  • number of population
  • is it the capital city of its country? If it is not, which is the capital city?
  • if it is a city in the USA, in which state is it? Is it the capital city of the state? If not, which is the capital city of that state?
  • nearby lake(s), river(s), sea, ocean, beach…
  • main landmarks
  • transport (train?, subway?, tram?)
  • time zone (compared to our time zone in Barcelona)

Use the following to do your research:

Some reminders on oral presentations:

  • Organize the information including all the points above
  • Don’t use a lot of words
  • Use royalty-free images and attribute them
  • Include webgraphy
  • Speak clearly and correctly with appropriate volume (practise first, rehearse)
  • Don’t read
  • Beware of posture and body language

What we know and what we wonder about water

Before getting actually started on the project, last week we completed the two first columns on this worksheet:

And this is what we know and what we wonder about water. You can compare with what was said in other classes: