A presentation on a city in your collaboration


In groups you are going to prepare an oral presentation on a city in your collaboration.

You should include:

  • continent
  • location on a world map
  • location on a country map
  • number of population
  • is it the capital city of its country? If it is not, which is the capital city?
  • if it is a city in the USA, in which state is it? Is it the capital city of the state? If not, which is the capital city of that state?
  • nearby lake(s), river(s), sea, ocean, beach…
  • main landmarks
  • transport (train?, subway?, tram?)
  • time zone (compared to our time zone in Barcelona)

Use the following to do your research:

Some reminders on oral presentations:

  • Organize the information including all the points above
  • Don’t use a lot of words
  • Use royalty-free images and attribute them
  • Include webgraphy
  • Speak clearly and correctly with appropriate volume (practise first, rehearse)
  • Don’t read
  • Beware of posture and body language

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