Cinquain poems about water

[All activities inspired by PIZZAZ & the University of Oregon]

Have a look at this cinquain poem by Khaled, a student at the University of Oregon:

by Khaled

Beautiful, pure 
Refreshing, enjoying, relaxing
Nature is healthy. 

cinquain is a 5-line poem. 

Let’s identify the structure of the poem by having a look at its parts of speech. Match these parts of speech to the 5 lines in the poem:

a) 2 adjectives. They describe the noun in line 1.
b) 1 short, complete sentence about the noun in line 1.
c) 1 noun. This is a synonym for the noun in line 1.
d) 1 noun. This is the topic or theme of the poem.
e) 3 gerunds (verb + ing). They describe the noun in line 1.

Other examples:

by Miki

Clear, wonderful 
Slapping, whirling, flowing 
The river is cold. 

by Min

Active, free 
Flying, sitting, crying 
A dove is free. 

Examples of poem presentations here.

My former students’ poems.

Why don’t you participate in the Sant Jordi writing contest with cinquain poems about water? Ideas? The Llobregat river, the Mediterranean sea, any water animal, a poem about water pollution…

Bases del concurs literari Sant Jordi 2018-19

Deadline: March 15

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