Water in the past

So that you can write about water in the past, here you have some vocabulary memory games to learn new words that might be useful for your writing activity. Enjoy!

Now you are ready to write about “water in the past”.

After viewing the documentary “Memòria líquida” in the ethics class, you were asked to interview your grandparents, great-uncle, great-aunt, senior neighbors or friends about water in the past: drinking water? washing up? laundry? bathroom? water restrictions? water collection from fountains? shower everyday? etc.

You can create a web page with your findings by using Adobe Spark.

Remember to use the Past Simple tense (beware of irregular verbs! 🙄 ) and past time expressions. Start by saying who you interviewed. Remember to add photos of the locations mentioned. Use your own photos or free photos and don’t forget to include photo attribution at the end.

This is my example:

Water in the Past
You may need to watch this tutorial on Adobe Spark Pages:

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