Our own PICS

Our project is running well and we’re very excited about learning everything related to street art and particularly, to graffiti.

At this point, we came up with an idea that our teachers loved: graffiti is all around and there are very good pieces out there.

Here are some examples of what we have found in our area!

How many of them do you think are ART and how many are VADALISM? Is your opinion the same as the one you had before taking part in this project?

33 thoughts on “Our own PICS

  1. Anna Martínez

    Before taking part in the project, I didn’t know the world of graffiti and the message that graffiti makers wanted to transmit. Now I know the graffiti and I think that it isn’t vandalism when done in a specific place for them.

  2. Anna Paré

    When I see graffitis in the street, I always remember the film ‘Bomb it’. Before doing the project I thought graffiti could sometimes be art and sometimes vandalism (like now) but one thing I never thought about is the meaning of the graffiti.
    I really enjoy doing this project and I hope we can stay in London for two weeks (and see Banksy’s graffiti)!

  3. Janna Ubach

    My opinion hasn’t changed very much since I started the project. I think
    graffiti is an art, but I think it can’t be wherever we want. We should have specific places to draw them because no one wants a graffiti next to their door, without any permission!!!
    People who think that it’s vandalism should take a look to this project, because I’m sure that they are going to change their mind!

  4. Carles Tena

    Before taking part in the project, when I saw graffiti displayed on the street walls, I started thinking if they were well done, detailed, well drawn (what now we say art) or if they were ugly, just a mess for the people (what we can call vandalism). Now that I know many new things about graffiti which I didn’t know before, I can say I keep my position and, when I see a graffiti in a wall, I have like some “parameters” to judge if it’s art or vandalism. Of course, wherever it is, as graffiti is the manifestation of a person’s thoughts and feelings, it can be called art. Even though the person doesn’t have a gift for drawing well, we can clearly see if it’s done with their feelings. However,if it doesn’t show any feeling/thinking/idea… it can be well drawn but it looks like it’s just to make a mess.

  5. Nayara Roldán

    Although before doing the project I believed that the graffiti is a part of our society, our history and of our art, it’s now when I can enjoy about all the hidden messages that the author manages to convey.Since then I can’t stop thinking of all the words that a spray can hide .
    In conclusion, we can’t judge things without knowing all about them.

    Thank’s for this project! because now I can appreciate some of the wealth that is around me and I couldn’t see.

  6. Laura Viciana

    Before taking part in the project, I thought that graffiti was an art and not vandalism. Now, after working on this project I think the graffiti in general, is ART.
    Although when done in private property is definitely not an art …!

  7. Judith Martínez

    I didn’t know anyhting about the intention of graffitiers before taking part in the project. My opinion is the same as it used to be because I think graffiti is an art, but if anyone do them because they want, I think that is a vandalism. They can’t do it wherever they want, they need a permission.

    So I think this project helps people to change their mind.

  8. Edu

    I think Graffiti is ART because I think that the people who do that are artists. Personally I can’t paint a Graffiti, in my point of view it’s very difficult to do it well. I have to add that graffiti is a way of life and it could be a job. During the project I have learnt a few things, for example that graffiti it’s not only a drawing, it’s ART and most graffitis have an important message.

  9. Néstor

    Before doing the project I thought that graffiti meant always vandalism and doing one of them was something uncivic. Now, I think that graffitti is art because it expresses a lot of feelings and ideas. However, I think that there are some kind of graffittis that are only a doodle because they are only a few letters in a wall, that reproduce the name of a person, like a tag.

  10. Èlia

    Before this project, I thought that most graffiti were vandalism and very few of them were considered art. Now, with all the information I have received and learned from this project, I can say that the graffiti is art. I think that the people who do that are artists because it is very difficult, and personally I couldn’t do a graffiti.

  11. Xavi Pano

    Before taking part in this project, I liked graffiti but I thought that most of them were vandalism because the most graffiti I saw were only tags, and I have only seen a few graffiti that I considered art. But now, after I saw all the information and all the things that we have learned in the project I know that there are a lot of graffiti that aren’t vandalism and that have a message in it;those are the ones I like. I still hate the others that are just tags.

  12. Lilit

    Before taking part in this project, these graffitti seemed to me art since each has a different meaning, a different belief, a way to see life.In my opinion, each gaffiti expresses the ideas of the artist that cannot be considered vandalism since they are artistic creations.

  13. Cristina Fiol

    Before starting this project I knew nothing about the world of graffiti. I didn’t know that they were ways of expressing opinions or that they were an art form.
    I don’t think they are a form of vandalism but the graffiti should be done in the right places. I don’t think anyone would like that someone painted a graffiti on the door of their house.

  14. Alba Serra

    At present, my opinion is the same as it was before. I think that tags are vandalism because they make the city look dirty but, graffitis are art, because they’re done by someone who wants to express himself, improve his or her techniques and also because it’s his or her passion. I think it’s a way to express your feelings like it says the Spanish expression “una imagen vale más que mil palabras”.

  15. Ulises fernandez

    Every graffiti has its own story, I don’t think a graffiti can be vandalism or art only depending of the place where it is done, or the way it has been done. The only thing that can decide what a graffiti is, should be the intention of the person who has done it.

    Not everyone who does a graffiti wants to express someting; some of them just want to be against the law, be rebel or just to make a good impression on his/her friends.

  16. Sara

    My opinion before the project was the same but now, I have new things to show that graffiti isn’t vandalism. I agree with Alba when she says that tags are vandalism but graffitis are art. The people who just write their names or any piece of graffiti are not artists.
    I saw differents graffitis and I can say that there are few people who can create authentic graffitis.

  17. Marina

    I had always seen graffiti as something which was not interesting but now that we are doing this project, I see it in a different way. I think they are the best way that street artists have to express themselves.

  18. Ulises fernandez

    Every graffiti with a message, in my opinion, is art.
    But when someone does a graffiti just to be rebel, or make a good impression on his/her friends, it is not the same.

    My opinion is almost the same, but now I know that the visual part of a graffiti is not the most important thing, but it’s real message.

  19. Lorena Cubas

    I think graffiti is an art, but my opinion before taking part in the project was very different. I thought it was vandalism and I didn’t know the emotions it could show. This project has been really interesting to me; it has helped me to know more about graffiti and now, while walking down the streets, I pay attention to every graffiti.

  20. Celia Cano

    Before the project, I already knew the world of graffiti and I’ve never thought that it was vandalism. In my opinion it is an art of self expression, as they have said in previous comments, within certain limits because otherwise the act of painting a property or a monument if I think it’s vandalism.

  21. Andrea Céspedes

    My opinion has changed a little, because before doing the project, I thought that the graffiti in the street walls was vandalism, because it is illegal to paint on the street walls and I didn’t understand its purpose, but now I think that most graffiti want to express something.
    Although I believe that I can compare art and vandalism now, I think that the great majority of graffiti want to express something, that is to say, one thought , one belief, one concern, and other moral things.
    My conclusion is that they just try to express their ideas and thoughts through images, drawings, cartoons, phrases ..

  22. Eva

    My opinion is almost the same as the one I had before taking part in this project. I think that some graffitis are art but there are other graffitis or tags that aren’t. For example some tags aren’t art because they make the city look dirty. Graffitis can be their way to express themselves.

  23. Marc Valero

    I’ve always thought that graffiti is related to art, I think they are wasted artists , with a lot of talent whose only way to demonstrate their skills is with grafitti. But in this society we can also find people that use grafitti as vandalism and that’s why we doubt if graffiti is really art or vandalism.

  24. Roser Garcia

    What I think about if my opinion is the same now as the one I had before taking part in this project is not, ’cause even I know people who like to paint graffiti and I know it is very difficult and not everyone can do it, I didn’t know that in some parts of the world there are some artists dedicated to street art that are recognized and highly valued and at the same time the graffiti. I think that street art will be taking more importance and, I don’t no if soon or later, it will be recognize like any type of art.

  25. Sandra Martín

    I have always considered graffiti as an art which requires some practice and talent, and not everyone sees it this way. Now, and before doing this project, I think each graffiti is different and has got different essences,meanings, and of course, different objectives. I also think that it’s very important to find graffitis in the cities that make you think and reconsider situations, or at least entertain us.

  26. Joanna Pascual

    First of all , before the project, I thought that graffiti was art but only for street people, and it was considered vandalism by everybody else.
    Now, my opinion about this type of art has changed because there are a lot of graffiti which have a meaning for the society like racism.
    It’s important to remember that to do a good graffiti you have to practice a lot , and there are people who are expert at drawing in the walls, and they love to express their ideas so that everybody can see them.

  27. Ariadna Jové

    My opinion about graffiti has changed after doing the project. Before that I thought that graffitis were vandalism but this project has shown me that they aren’t, because there are people whose job is that, doing grafitti. Now, I think that some grafittis can be art and this work has to be more valued.

  28. Sandra Roca

    I’ve never been keen on graffiti; that’s why when I was on the street, I didn’t pay attention neither to walls nor to the graffitis on them. Now, since we started the project, graffitis are getting more important to my eyes and I can see more than just a painting: the majority of them (the ones which are not vandalism) express a milion things and each person gives them, depending on his/her experience, on his/her situation in life or personal things, one meaning or another.

  29. Cristina

    My opinion is that graffiti is art and I don’t think it is vandalism. I didn’t know anything about the intention of graffitiers before taking part in the project. Finally, I have seen different graffitis and I can say that there are only a few people who can create good graffiti.

    I think that people that works in do graffities would have that be better paid.

  30. Xavi Pina

    I think that most of these graffiti were done just to sign in a wall or maybe to do vandalism. I think that there isn’t any message in this type of graffiti and also that it is too difficult to find any graffiter like Banksy.
    I had not heard about Banksy before taking part in this project and I think that Banksy is amazing and he has really shown me that graffiti isn’t just vandalism and I think that if most people learned more about him, they would change their ideas about graffiti.

  31. Ivette Vinaixa

    In my point of view, some pictures are completly art: the colors, the contrast, the meaning of each one.. but some of them like tags or scribbles make the walls dirty and there is no pleasure in seeing them.
    My opinion hasn’t changed much after this project.
    This project has showed me the different meanings that a graffiti could have. Banksy is the best exemple for that. He paints what he thinks and his works can mean different things for each person. That is a fantastic way to do art.

  32. Albert C.V

    I think that in these pictures there are lots of tags that are vandalism because they don’t express anything and they aren’t beautiful. This is my opinion.

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