‘Bomb it’


“Bomb it” is one documentary by Jon Reiss and it is about the world of graffiti, and people around the World talk about their vision on this issue. In the documentary there are a lot of cities in around the world (Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona, Cape Town, Sao Paulo and Tokyo).

In the documentary there are not only the opinions of the different graffiti artists around the world (Taki 183, Terrible T-Kid 170, Os Gemeos, 2ESAE…), but also the opinion of some associations (one example is T.A.G – Totally Against Graffiti-) that are against graffiti because they think it is vandalism.


In my opinion graffiti is not a crime but a type of art. One graffiti is a way to express your feelings and with them you don’t intend to harm anybody. But in my opinion is not the same one beautiful graffiti than one signature (or tag), because usually the tag only dirties the walls while one beautiful graffiti is like one work of art.

Another thing that I like of the world of graffiti is the different styles of every graffiter, because they are very different and you can see more things about the author in his work (because as it is a way to express your feelings, with his drawings you can learn a lot).

Carles Tena


On the one hand, I think  graffiti is a form to express what the writers think on walls. I agree with the really worked graffiti but I think that  tags only express vandalism in the cities.

More frequently, day after day, a lot of signs have been tagged over by some graffiti. How are drivers supposed to know where they’re going? In fact, this action causes road accidents as a result of driver’s confusion.

I think that the true graffiti is not a simply signature in the walls. I think that the true graffiti is an elaborate drawing that expresses  inaccessible discourses transforming  language in art.

To finish, drawings in the walls of the houses are the best example of vandalism, a lot of inhabitants spend a big amount of time and money in trying to remove a graffiti and what’s the result? The result is that the same wall is tagged all over again that same evening.

Ester Guiduz


To learn the basic philosophy of graffiti artists, we have seen a film called Bomb it. I liked it because it shows us a lot of things what we knew about graffiti. In the film, they were explaining that in Philadelphia, all graffiti artists paint to express their feelings, to be told. They began painting in the streets and later, they started painting on the trains too. They also think that painting is a way to let the generations remember it Graffiti is their name, their identity, is a form to express with one word, who they are and what  their feelings are. Besides, it a way of having fun. Another objective is to paint as at more places as they could to be well-known all over the world. They think that cities are boring places where anyone can do anything. In Paris, the homeless graffiti artists, the idea that they want to show with painting is to show people that there isn’t only a rich and upper class in Paris. In Barcelona, they use graffiti to show what their feelings are, if they are happy, sad, empty,… And the homeless graffiti artists from Sao Paulo think that they only have one thing: their name. And that is why each of their letters represents their characteristics. They also want to represent their city, the chaos around them,…

In my opinion, those are all the things that I think have coherence and they should be respected. On the other hand, I think that things like this show them as criminals and not as the modern artists they are, or grafters who paint in private locals (homes, cars, bars,…) shouldn’t be called modern artists. Also there are graffiti artists who display their work in galleries to earn money. The ‘free combination’ which are a type of graffiti??? (Això sortia en el video crec eh…) that make no sense to me. And finally, the person who paints only because it’s an exciting thing because it’s forbidden. I think it isn’t a good reason to dirty cities.

Roser Garcia

1r Batx. C


My personal opinion has different points of view. On the one hand, I think

that graffities aren’t vandalism if you use them correctly and in places where it  isn’t  forbidden, but there is another type of people that use them to annoy the authority, to damage the city and for things like that. But I think that if these topics were controlled there would not be much vandalism, because the people instead of thinking that this is  art they would think that they destroy the city.

In my opinion, the people who write graffiti in public spaces should be punished, but those who like this art don’t have to be blamed. Also they can give a job to these graffiters to paint public walls, etc.

Personally, I love graffities because there are many of them which are very good and have a lot of hard work behind.

Cristina Camacho

We know all this information because we saw an interesting video called BOMB IT. In this documentarywe saw different ways to do this type of painting depending on the country. And also why these artists do that.

We took notes from what the graffiti writers say in “Bomb it” and  we also found information in some websites.

Ivette Vinaixa

5 thoughts on “OUR OPINION

  1. Marta Pérez

    I have just read the opinions of some of my classmates, and I think many have a good vision, of what is art and what is vandalism.
    Goodbye everyone!

  2. Judith Martínez

    I think the job of my classmates is extremely interesting and I like their opinions about the difference between vandalism or art.
    It’s a really good job!

    Personally, I think graffiti is an art because it is a way to express your feelings or to express your opinion about the society like Banksy does.

    Goodbye and congratulations to everyone!

  3. Alba Serra

    I agree with my classmates: graffiti is art, but a tag is vandalism. A tag can look nice but it is about getting walls dirty to have your name there. However, graffiti is something creative ans artistic.
    You’ve made a really good job!

  4. Joanna Pascual

    I think that everybody has their opinions on graffiti and tags; for some tags express vandalism whereas for others it’s an art. Hence it’s an interesting activity to know some of these opinions. Our activities can help them learn about graffiti art and make some of them change their opinion about it.

  5. Xavi Pina

    It is easy to say that you think that graffiti is art, but do you really believe that ?
    I think that everybodysaid that graffiti is an art and I said that too. However, if you wake up one day and see a Graffiti on your own wall, I think that you are going to think that all graffiters are just vandals. I think that graffiti is an amazing expression of art but at the same time I think that most graffiters don’t do it in the expressing way and this is what makes that a lot of people think that graffiti is just vandalism.

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