These are the questions we asked some adults to know their opinion on STREET ART.

Questions are slightly different from the ones in teen interviews as we think that it is easier for adults to express their opinions.

1. What do you think about graffitti?

2. What kind of people do them?

3. Do you think they have a reason for it?

4. Do you think society will consider graffitti a lifestyle? And a job?

5. How old is the first graffitti?

6. Do you think a graffitti is the same as a tag?

7. Do you think graffitti is vandalism or art?

8. If your son/daughter painted a graffitti, what would you do?

9. Do you agree that graffitti is allowed in some places?

10. Do you think graffitis make cities look modern?

One thought on “ADULT INTERVIEWS

  1. Edu

    I made some interviews and I could see that a lot of adults consider Graffiti vandalism. I think adults are wrong and they have to know more about graffiti before answering to these questions because they think graffiti is a tag or a drawing in a wall, and it’s not the same.

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