Banksy has been the best of this project. When our teacher told us about this project we could only think about typical graffitis (now we know they’re called TAGS). She told us there was an amazing artist who used mainly STENCILS and who was very popular.

There are a lot of activities related to Banksy so this was one of the highlights of the project. Take your time and scroll down the different pages related to this anonymous street art artist from Bristol.

2 thoughts on “BANKSY

  1. Edu

    I think Banksy is a good example to explain what a graffiti is, but in my opinion he is not the only graffiti writer. I think there are lots of artists in the world that are not known and it’s possible that they are as good as Banksy or even better.

  2. Ariadna Jové

    This is my favorite part of the Project. I think Banksy is a fantastic graffiti artist. He is very popular in London and around the world. He doesn’t want to be famous; he just wants to make the pictures look good. This project has taught me the different ways people think about graffiti.

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