That’s the way I see it


17 thoughts on “That’s the way I see it

  1. Marina

    The opinions on the photos are interesting since each person has their own vision. Banksy has many subjects of protest: social, political,etc.

  2. Carles Tena

    It seems to me that the missages extracted from the graffitis are a very good job.
    First of all, I think people have worked hard on it, because I probably couldn’t have found all those messages.
    Banksy strikes me as a person with demands, because he tries to fight against the corrupted political world. He tries to express and show all his claim messages by drawing or writing graffitis, and I can say I look up to him, because I couldn’t find a better way to claim than displaying public messages through graffiti.

  3. Anna Pleguezuelos

    For me this part is the most important in graffiti, because it expresses what the author means and you can know what he thinks. I think that they have done a good job with these graffitis.

  4. Anna Paré

    Like my classmates, I really like this part of the project, and in my point of view, it is one of the most difficult activities. Everybody has got a different opinion depending of their knowledge of life.
    Another point is about Banksy: he never does graffiti because he is bored, he always does a graffiti to express his opinion on something, to critize something.
    I like this blog!

  5. Joanna Pascual

    I think this part of the project is one of the best, because you can see that every graffiti has a meaning and a lot to express.
    Banksy leaves on walls some problems that affect the society like racism, politics, the contradictions of real life…and he does this with different graffiti, that are a kind of art,called street art.

  6. Núria Montpart

    I like this part of the blog because it’s very interesting. I’m surprised that one graffiti can have different meanings because each person has got an opinion. Moreover, Banksy uses his stencils to express his feelings and ideas and in my opinion, that’s a hard job.

  7. Ester Guiduz

    I completely agree with my classmates.
    On the one hand, I think that this is one of the most important parts of the project because we can know what the author thought when he was drawing the graffiti.
    On the other hand, I also consider that it is one of the most difficult activities because not everybody has got the same opinion about them.
    I think that they’ve done a really good job!

  8. Anna Ribas

    I like this part of the project because we can see that everyone has a different vision of each graffiti, and it is very interesting to know what is the opinion of each one.
    Most of the examples of graffiti in this page are of Banksy, and this is normal because he uses his art to express his feelings and to protest about the society. Each of these graffitis have a different interpretation for each one.

  9. ulises

    Such a difficult part of the project, every picture can be seen in different ways, what banksy tries to transmit is not always what people see. But I think our classmates have done a great job.

  10. Xavi Pina

    Banksy is always criticizing things and making think people about the society problems and I think that it is a great job because sometimes we don’t care about problems. But when I see that, I think in how Banksy could feel if people wouldn’t understand his works.

  11. Xavi Pano

    In my opinion, this activity that my classmates have done is a very good job and also very difficult because when you see a graffiti on a wall, the first thing you think, is if it’s beautiful or not. But we never or hardly ever think what its message is.
    And trying to find that out is very difficult and every person has a different point of view. It’s also true that there are graffiti without any message and graffiti which are easier to understand. So I congratulate my classmates on the good job they have done.

  12. Albert C.V

    I think that this part is interesting because the people that see it can understand the meaning of some graffitis by Banksy.

  13. Ivette Vinaixa

    It’s amazing how each one of us has different opinions on graffiti.
    How can Bansky say so many things with one stencil?

    It’s really fantastic.

  14. Sandra Roca

    As well as many people of the project, I think that this activity is one of the best of the whole project. Appart from being really interesting to see it, it also seems to be quite difficult to do it. It isn’t the longest activity as we can see, but if I had to do it, it would have taken me a lot of time because it’s not a easy to find the right meaning of graffiti.
    It’s absolutely amazing how an artist like Banksy can express and transmit so many things!! And it’s even more incredible how our classmates have found these meanings!

  15. Roser Garcia

    What an interesting part of the project! In my opinion, the most. This part is basically to realize that graffiti isn’t only a hobby, because as his name ‘steet art’ implies, it’s art and it has a lot of meaning.

  16. Eva

    This part of the project was very interesting because I could learn a lot of things about the meaning or the message of graffitis. I’ve also known and learned a lot of things about one of the bests graffitiers, Bansky.

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