Banksy vs Bristol Museum (summer 09)

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Britain: The strengths and limitations of Banksy’s “guerrilla” art

Over 300,000 people saw the exhibition of works by “guerilla” graffiti artist Banksy at Bristol museum and art gallery this summer. The number of visitors, queuing for up to six hours, approached the total population of the city in the west of England.

Banksy has undergone a meteoric rise to fame. His unknown identity and nocturnal spray-painting activities have all added to the mystique surrounding him. The city’s chief executive Jan Ormondroyd said, “It has probably been the most successful exhibition in the UK. It is more than any of us expected, certainly in terms of putting Bristol on the map. We have to say a big thank-you to Banksy.”

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This video shows us people’s opinions on his art.

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7 thoughts on “Banksy vs Bristol Museum (summer 09)

  1. Lilit

    This section is very interesting and funny. If they make another exhibition one day, I would love to see it.

  2. Marta Pérez

    These videos are very innovative!
    Banksy is an artist who expresses his feelings perfectly.
    This section is great!

  3. Anna Pleguezuelos

    I like this video so much! It is innovative and very modern. And the graffitis I have seen in the video are very original. Moreover, we can hear all their thoughts and what they want to tell us with their art.

  4. Laura Solana Grau

    about these videos: I like the way Banksy wants to protest, because Banksy is a bit radical man, but he has a fighting spirit for the world and the society. He wants to warn the world with words that people can pay attention to. Banksy has made a very good job!

  5. Cristina Camacho

    These videos are very interesting. I think he is a great artist and he should do more exhibitions around the world. People would see his works and they would value them better.

    I think it is a good job of my classmates. Congratulations for everybody!!

  6. Ivette Vinaixa

    I’d really like to visit this exhibition.
    I love how Banksy changes a boring old thing into a curious one.
    In his creations he always wants to express his feelings about it.
    He claims that we think about it.
    It’s an intelligent way to call people’s atention.

  7. Sandra Roca

    It sounds interesting that we’ve never heard anything of Banksy before the project, and now we can realize the great importance he has had and he has in street art.
    There’s no much to say: he’s a real artist!

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