Graffitists for a day

At the end of our project we were so interested in graffiti that we wanted to give it a go! Teenagers, whether we are more creative or not, have a lot to say to people: our parents, our little brothers and sisters,society,etc
We learned how to use a software called GRAFFITI CREATOR in order to make our own design and express something we want to share with people. Here are the best creations that our classmates have picked up.

14 thoughts on “Graffitists for a day

  1. Janna Ubach

    wow!! I hadn’t seen all the graffities together, good job guys!!
    It’s a fantastic practise of all that we have learned since we started the project.
    We could express ourselves making this job, and without knowlege we wouldn’t have been able to do it.
    I think they are very nice, but I’m sure we can do it better,
    I’d like to do one but on a wall someday!

  2. Ester Guiduz

    This is the result of taking advantatge in this project.
    I know that these graffiti are not the same as Banksy’s stencils. On the one hand because we can’t do it on a wall and also because we are not artists!But we used a really good graffity creator and here you can see the results.
    I think that we have done a really good job.

  3. Laura Viciana

    I had the opportunity to make one and I think it was a good experience because we had to put into practice everything that we had learnt.
    I have to say I love most of the graffitis made and I hope to learn more in London!

  4. Néstor

    I think that this part is really interesting because it shows us that doing a graffitti is not easy work: you must choose the message that you want say,the drawing, the type of letters… in order to get a satisfying result.
    It’s really hard work!!!

    I like the graffittis that my classmates have done. I think that they express a lot of thoughts of young people.

  5. Núria Montpart

    it’s a fantastic job!
    I enjoyed participating in this part of the project because I had never done any graffiti before and this project has given me the opportunity. In conclusion, I liked expressing my feelings through graffiti.

  6. Cristina Fiol

    wooow! I’m very impressed with all this graffitis!
    I think that this activity is an opportunity to express opinions through graffiti, I suppose it was not an easy job but both fun and interesting.
    Good job boys!!

  7. Alba Serra

    We’ve done a really good job! We all enjoyed this project and we’re dreaming about the trip. It will be fantastic!

  8. Èlia

    I think that they have done a very good job! Their creations are fantastic.
    I suppose that this activity has been fun and entertaining and has been useful so as to express themselves. It also let them check that drawing a graffiti is a difficult work. All of them are interesting because everyone has done their own graffitis.

  9. Nayara Roldán

    In my opinion this part of the project does that individuals can experiment with the art of drawing. Although this program isn’t a direct way of creating a real street graffiti, it is very close to how a future creation raises: choosing a timely subject to express something with the force of some words decorated, the meaning of the colours that you would use … I think these are the parts of the project that enrich it becuse it’s very dificult do a definition with tecnical art words; I think that the only way to understand art is getting to see a lot.

  10. Lorena Cubas

    I think that this part of the project is a good way to finish it, since it is practical and it lets us see the talent of different people and the capacity to create sentences which show different things.

  11. Roser Garcia

    This part of the project seems easy but it’s very important ’cause after having done this essay, to assess the work of these artists, to put into practice everything that we have learned, etc. it was necessary.

    Doing this needed a lot of things like the color scheme, the way to express the idea that we have, invent some letters ’cause every artist has to have a different style and it can’t be copied, etc.

    We must congratulate our classmates for their work!

  12. Anna Ribas

    I really like this part of the project. It is very interesting to see the way studdens can express their feelings with graffiti. It’s a very good job!

  13. Sara

    It’s a good and difficult job because the students that have made this part didn’t know anything about this programme. There are graffitis very creative and also they can make other drawings.

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