On February 27th, we went to the Barrades Auditorium to see a play named . It took an hour. In this play the actors interacted with spectadors, singing “ (The bones round round”) , dancing “ (Head, shoulders, knees and tous with David and Carlos) and representing a character like  Elisabeth ( Alexandra) or helping to star the Machine to give life to the monster ( Inés). At the end the sudents asked questions to the actors in English.

The summary:

Dr. Frankestein is a doctor in medicine. He Works at the laboratory with his assistant Fritz. He has got a secret. He has got a  secret book. He reads and follows the instructions to make a monster. Elisabeth is his girlfriend, but he doesn’t love her. She loves him. Elisabeth goes to the laboratory and sees the Monster. She shouts and runs away and the Monster is very sad. Dr. Frankestein has got and idea. The Monster will be  Dr. Frankestein. He wears like the doctor, and talks like a doctor. Dr. Frankestein rings to Elisabeth. He says   her that she goes to the laboratory. There, the  Monster is the doctor Fankestein and loves Elisabeth.  At the end they get married.